Public News Service πŸ”‰(24 April 2024)

Public News Service πŸ”‰(24 April 2024)

'Lazarus drug' may have competition in MI

Important reporting about the harmful push to get other opioid overdose formulations more widely available in Michigan. These new formulations/medications (high-dose naloxone and nalmefene) will massively harm affected community members and not reduce overdose deaths.

NOTE: Naloxone has been working to reverse fentanyl-related (and other opioid) overdoses here in MI (and the rest of the world) for years. Naloxone is very powerful. Anyone who says otherwise is more interested in selling fear and overpriced medications than solving this crisis. Don't be fooled by profiteers.

We need more cheap, readily available naloxone. Everything else is a waste of resources. During a crisis, we don't have resources to waste.

Standard Naloxone Dose Superior to "New" Formulations
β€˜Lazarus drug’ may have competition in MI
After more than 50 years of use, some Michigan lawmakers say naloxone may not be the best choice in an overdose situation. Naloxone is sometimes called the "Lazarus drug" because of its powerful ability to seemingly resurrect people after a drug overdose. Sen.…